Downtown Farmer’s Market Kickoff Party

siegfrieds brats at farmers market kickoff party

Even though the sun has started to finally come out and play, these days the weather is so unpredictable, it’s difficult to say where spring ends and summer starts. Forgoing any almanacs you have on hand or any wizened soothsayers you might know — a good portent you can rely on is the imminent arrival … Read more

Utah gin is no joke – Beehive Distilling

Two photographers and a graphic designer walked into a bar, got drunk and decided they should start their own distillery. Sounds like the beginning of a bad a joke but it’s basically how the idea for Beehive Distilling got started. “It wasn’t really that big of a stretch for us to start a distillery,” said … Read more

I’ll Drink To That

Join Vinelore at A Gallery‘s beautiful courtyard garden as they celebrate the joy of Spring at a private soirée. As part of the evening get to meet Salt Lake’s newest distillery – Beehive Distilling and their latest concoction – Jack Rabbit Gin — a small-batch, hand-macerated creation from Beehive Distilling. Let your taste buds experience … Read more