Utah gin is no joke – Beehive Distilling

Two photographers and a graphic designer walked into a bar, got drunk and decided they should start their own distillery. Sounds like the beginning of a bad a joke but it’s basically how the idea for Beehive Distilling got started. “It wasn’t really that big of a stretch for us to start a distillery,” said … Read more

A change in seasons | Vinto’s Summer Menu

Campanella with pancetta, peas, garlic and a parmigiano cream sauce.

Generally speaking, people tend to want to have it all. This is especially true of many of those who have asked me for restaurant reocmmendations. A list of requirements often accompanies this request. The demands that usually top the list include that the restaurant should offer really good food at a reasonable price. People want … Read more

Publik Persona

Salt Lake City, surprisingly, has been a wellspring of third wave style coffee roasters in the past couple of years. Charming Beard appeared in 2012 and Blue Copper Coffee launched in 2013. The latest roaster to dip its toes in the water is Publik Coffee. Matt Bourgeois and Missy Greis, the owners of Publik, opened up … Read more