Courageous artistic expression underscores memorable moments of Utah Enlightenment in 2015

There was a lot to celebrate in 2015 with the Utah Enlightenment, a creative movement where courage defines some of the state’s most interesting and independent artists. Indeed, the Enlightenment disturbs and disrupts the peculiar Utah penchant to be civil and docile or to be content with platitudes and pleasantries. Artists are reclaiming Utah’s unique … Read more

Making the most of their differences: Arcane’s trio of musicians in Spy Hop’s newest band

Whatever their differences in family, religion, school interests, or even musical tastes, three Utah teens have come together in an extraordinarily rewarding and productive way in Spy Hop Productions’ musicology program. The only students who have completed one of Spy Hop’s rigorous year-long programs in music and media arts, the three teens who comprise the … Read more