Backstage at The Utah Arts Festival 2018: Fear No Film presents 48 films in 7 categories on Band Aids theme, 2 Kids’ screenings

For the 16th annual Fear No Film portion of the Utah Arts Festival, curator Topher Horman has crafted seven sequences of presentations in the most intriguing interpretations of the various ways in which societal band aids are removed and the underlying concerns and scars are exposed. Each program is described below. Screenings last about an … Read more

Backstage at The Utah Arts Festival 2018: Utah Short Film of The Year competition presents six entries in unique genre treatments

The Utah Short Film of The Year competition, part of Fear No Film, has become one of the most popular events at the This year’s slate of six short films includes a recommended film from The University of Utah’s film studies school, one of the four Spy Hop Productions’ PitchNic films from last fall, … Read more

Backstage at The Utah Arts Festival 2018: 16th Fear No Film slate builds on theme of ripping off societal band aids, treating and healing underlying wounds

In 2018, it seems insistently exasperating and dismaying thinking that some of the most urgent issues of our communities and societies always will be intractable. Managing outrage is tricky even when one realizes the moment calls for elucidation and an epiphany that leads to meaningful awareness, reconciliation and resolution. And, we are still learning how … Read more

Backstage at The Utah Arts Festival 2018: Photographer Timm Chapman and the ‘fragile earth’

Born in the U.K. and raised in Canada, Timm Chapman (Booth 68) lives at the foot of the Superstition Mountains in Arizona and his photographic work is featured in many high-profile periodicals including National Geographic Traveler, Arizona Highways, United Airlines’ Hemispheres’ magazine, and Frommer’s Travel Guides. He also is one of the 175 artists who … Read more

Backstage at The Utah Arts Festival 2018: Record-setting Artist Marketplace evokes stories, memories, emotions, unique appeal to audiences, potential buyers

The 175 artists who comprise the Artist Marketplace for the 42nd annual Utah Arts Festival came from the largest pool of applicants in the event’s history: 649. And an expert jury, led by coordinators Matt Jacobson and his assistant Sarah Baker Taylor, recommended artists not only on the basis of technical considerations such as details … Read more