Utah Symphony concert of Bach, Carter, Marsalis, Wagner another example of eclectic, innovative programming

The most recent Utah Symphony concert once again evidenced an eclectic, compact, innovative approach to programming which, in this instance, delivered the orchestra’s first performances of two works from 1998 and 2011, respectively.  The smart staging logistics made for a quick transition from Elliott Carter’s Double Trio, which the composer wrote just ahead of his … Read more

A splendid time to return to Abravanel Hall: Utah Symphony strings shine in concert with works by Sierra, Bartók, Mozart

“When I am, as it were, completely myself, entirely alone, and of good cheer — say traveling in a carriage, or walking after a good meal, or during the night when I cannot sleep—it is on such occasions that my ideas flow best, and most abundantly. Whence and how they come, I know not, nor … Read more

Utah Symphony’s America’s Wonders concert in 3-D registered plenty of sensory delights

What does it mean to taste sound, or connect it to other senses besides hearing? Some individuals have synesthesia, a neurological phenomenon, in which music, for example, allows the listener to see musical notes in different shades of colors. Scientists also believe that even individuals who do not have synesthesia actually can experience similar effects … Read more

NOVA Chamber Music Series’ The Head and The Heart concert closes 41st season on sensational note

The Head and The Heart concert to close out NOVA Chamber Music Series’ 41st season was a kinetic, galvanizing and sensational barn-burner. The concert was a celebration from the first moments of J. S. Bach’s Chaconne, originally written for solo violin, in an arrangement for cello quartet by Laszlo Varga (1924-2014). Varga, a Hungarian émigré … Read more

Exquisite musicality: opening concerts of Gina Bachauer International Piano Foundation, NOVA Chamber Music Series

Two intimate concerts of exquisite musicality were held on the Oct. 12-14 weekend, as part of the opening programs for the 2018-19 seasons of The Gina Bachauer International Piano Foundation and NOVA Chamber Music Series. The Utah Review has reviews of both programs. THE GINA BACHAUER INTERNATIONAL PIANO FOUNDATION: LUCA BURATTO Pianist Luca Buratto, the … Read more

NOVA Chamber Music Series to open its 41st season with Road to Night

Madeline Adkins

NOVA Chamber Music Series will launch its 41st season this month with its Road to Night concert, a selection of works spanning the period of 1778-1899 that arise from intimate literary inspirations along with deeply heartfelt musical responses by composers to personal events in their lives. The concert also is a sincere reflection of NOVA’s … Read more

Forty pianists, 17 countries in next month’s 17th Gina Bachauer International Artists Piano Competition

Next month’s 17th Gina Bachauer International Artists Piano Competition in Salt Lake City unquestionably will be the most cosmopolitan representation of gifted pianists in the Foundation’s 42-year history. Forty pianists, ranging in age from 19 to 32, will represent 17 countries, as they compete in the quarterfinals that will lead ultimately to finalists who will … Read more

Utah Symphony presents an adventurous evening of Strauss

Utah Symphony’s tribute to Richard Strauss continues this evening with three pieces, all highlighting the talents of Utah Symphony’s own musicians. Presented as part of the O.C. Tanner Company Masterworks Series, the program featuring two of Strauss’ most popular tone poems and his Serenade for Winds with masterful storytelling through the voice of instrumental music. … Read more

Utah Symphony performs the music of John Williams at Deer Valley Music Festival

Deer Valley Music Festival

As part of the Deer Valley Musical Festival, the Utah Symphony, along with conductor Rei Hotoda and the Utah Symphony Orchestra, will be presenting the music of composer John Williams on August 6. Concert goers that evening will be entertained by the wonderful sights and sounds that only the Utah Symphony and the picturesque mountain backdrop of the … Read more

Backstage at The Utah Arts Festival 2016: Utah Symphony returns to festival stage 1st time in 15 years

For pianist and conductor Rei Hotoda, the idea of the musician who is wholly committed to serving the community is as essential as rehearsing and learning new music. In Texas and Ilinois, she worked with local Rotary Club chapters, talking about upcoming concerts and initiatives. Programs with local chapters of The Boys and Girls Clubs … Read more